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Online Advertising Strategy

Coded have expanded our services to offer our clients internet marketing. Online advertising is a further support often seen as vital in the early weeks and months of any commercial website launch in order to drive traffic streams from the internet. We can also help improve existing websites by tuning the most important pages for best results by improving your users experience while on your site.

AdWords Management

Through our AdWords Certified partners Coded can now offer professional AdWords management and pay per click PPC advertising to new and existing clients.
Google certification means a certified advertising professional has gone through a rigorous training and evaluation program with Google before they can gain certifiication.

Benifits of professional management.

As part of a successful web strategy professional AdWords management can compliment organic SEO (search optimisation) in several ways. Targeting niche keywords and goals which are practically unattainable or unrealistic in the short or medium term with SEO alone.

Even if you already run an advertising campaign yourself you may be overspending or missing quality traffic as a result of several factors. These may include poor targeting or over targeting of keywords and the lack of use of negative keywords to help tighten your campaign.

Landing Pages

Having appealing and effective landing pages when a visitor comes to your website is a major part of making the conversion from a visitor to a customer or lead.
Clean tidy design and a clear call to action are key to an effective Google advertising strategy. Just sending everyone to your website's homepage is not always the best tactic when the user has to make several more clicks to find what the thought they were going to see when they clicked on your ad.
Coded can tune your website to add maximum value to your advertising efforts by optimising your landing pages for best effect.

For more details on our website marketing services call Coded on 053 9135497 or First Page on 01 5154848

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