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A standards compliant web page is a document in which the html code structure and layout (CSS) code conform strictly to the guidelines laid out by the W3C consortium. So why does this matter?

Well there are many reasons for building standards compliant web sites not least improved accessibility and usability by a wider range of users and web browser software.
Making your web site standards compliant is a good way of future proofing your site because the code will be recognised by web browsers more easily and displayed properly as a result.

Most web sites work fine without being strictly W3C compliant because modern browsers can cope with poor code structure better than their predecessors could. However not everyone has the latest web browser and things can fall apart when a user with a legacy browser pays the site a visit.

Constructing strictly compliant web sites which are visually appealing is sometimes a more challenging task than building a loosely compliant web site which works and displays in properly in most web browsers because some commonly used techniques can be unavailable.
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