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Coded an Irish web design company

Successful web design starts with the page layout and code structure.
By that we mean the graphical appearance of the page and how it impacts on your users together with the scaffolding holding the page together, the page code itself. Both go hand in hand in successful modern website design.

We are a web design company who are passionate about design and aim to deliver exciting websites for our many happy clients. We want your web site to be a success for you, because happy customers bring repeat design work and new clients to our doors. We do not like to disappointed our customers.


Our Design Services

  • Web site design & website redesign

    New design: Site design from the ground up using your ideas with our code and graphics, including the incorporation of your logo and company branding, set in a strong themed design.

    Redesign options: Many people have legacy websites that are not updatable or are beginning to look dated. Coded can offer a number of options here for site owners, we advise a full search optimisation review as part of any re-working of your site content or structure.

    Redesign options

    1. Add a CMS: We can add our (content management system) to your existing website. We can add our CMS to most websites where the pages already have a clear structure and the design and layout do not need work.

    2. New layout: A full or partial graphical redesign and layout of the site using your existing text or images is a practical option for many small websites.

    3. Refresh your content: Add up to date information about your business or activities. Coded can do this for you by adding your revised text, images or other media to your existing site structure, we can also add additional static pages at your request. Please enquire.
  • User interface design

    Page layout, navigational design, colour and appearance come together into a fluid mix of page hotspots. These are the prime areas where users focus their attention when they visit your site. Careful use of clean layout, design and colour especially on your key landing and sales pages is key to successful user interface design. This increases the chance of more conversions or sales by giving the user a predictable page layout that they feel comfortable using.
  • Web site content advice & consulting

    Coded offer advice on your website content and how to deploy it around the site for best results with every project we undertake. This often means nothing more than writing clearly about what you do and structuring your site to match your online goals.
  • On page SEO integration & web site strategies

    Get the search engines attention by maximising your content with a proper web site strategy or otherwise “If you build it… they may not come”

Having a new website built? consider the following;

  • A bespoke design gives you control

    Coded have wide experience in building bespoke web sites giving us complete control over all elements of a website’s structure so you are in control.
    We all know how slow some web sites are to download due to the poor use of large graphics & images etc. We work to avoid this, optimising all images and code on our sites thus reducing visitor bounce (abandoned site visits).

    The use of broadband has increased but it is still not widely available to many, so why write off a large section of your users when clever design can avoid this.
    Bespoke website design gives the web designer total control over the clients requests and requirements. Coded can help you avoid making the common mistakes like this when planning your site with us.
  • Insist on modern industry standards

    Modern web design no longer uses tables for the main structure of the site though many web designers still use them for this purpose. We do not. This speeds the download of your site to the user giving them a positive experience.
  • Interactive web page design

    The interaction of your web site with the user in a positive way is key to good usability and design. Giving the user a good experience when they are surfing your site is key in making them return or make that impulse purchase. Our many happy customers will testify to the quality of our work in this regard.
  • Cross browser compliance

    Most web sites work well in modern web browsers like Mozilla Firefox etc, broken web sites are less of a problem than they used to be but we endeavour to make our sites display similarly where possible in all modern browsers.
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