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Designing your website is about making well informed choices.
Here are the services we offer.

E-commerce websites

e commerce websites

Simple Design & Flow

Coded build e-commerce websites. We strive to craft simple fast, responsive websites that complement our clients product line-up.
Balancing creative, cost effective solutions with a clients requirements is our speciality. Simple is always best in e-commerce design.

WordPress & WooCommerce

WooCommerce built on top of WordPress is our e-commerce platform of choice. This is a low cost well supported, mainstream platform to sell your products on-line.
The ongoing costs associated with this system can be minimal depending on the complexity of the website and your marketing strategies.

System Features

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You may be eligible for a website grant. You need to contact your Local Enterprise board to check eligibility and make a formal application before getting any work done. Otherwise the costs may not be covered by grant funding if available.

We perform basic on page SEO on your site when its part of your quote. We don’t do social media campaigns or off site SEO such as link building etc.

No we do not set-up or run on-line advertising or marketing campaigns such as Google AdWords or Facebook adverts.

We can offer tailored service agreements to help keep your website up to date.

No not at present.

Yes we provide web hosting for clients websites where necessary.

We will certainly have a look and discuss your options.

If your website is slow we can help diagnose why this is happening and look at possible solutions.

We can integrate sign-up forms into your website for most mail list providers. However we don’t manage or run your email marketing campaigns for you.

For over 20 years.

Yes the majority of websites we build today are e-commerce sites.

Ongoing costs associated with a typical website are:
Domain names – Web hosting – SSL Certs – Service agreements – Commercial software subscriptions, eg; like some plugins.

The simple answer is yes. However it very much depends on the e-commerce system you are moving from and how simple the migration process. Sometimes it’s better to just scrap the old system and start over.

We can offer clients help and tips on writing their own well structured SEO (search friendly) copy once we agree terms.
We don’t write website copy for clients however.


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