• Setting up an Email Address
    To begin setting up an email address on your mail client firstly open your favourite mail client or app on your PC…
  • Adding a Variable Product to WooCommerce
    Variable Products A variable product as its know in Woocommerce is one with more than one product buying option. For example a…
  • Adding a Simple Product to WooCommerce
    Adding a Simple Product to WooCommerce When you first take charge of your new WooCommerce website it can be a bit daunting…
  • Managing Products in WooCommerce 1 Product Categories
    WooCommerce Product Setup New to creating and managing products in WooCommerce? This article will help you to get started and orientate yourself…
  • Small Business Website Design & Structure 2 of 3
    In a previous article we looked primarily at planning your website from the point of view of search optimisation and effective strategies to help position your site on search engines. In the following article we focus on other aspects of a successful small business website design and how clear navigation can be used to best effect, enhancing your visitors experience and increasing the contacts and or sales that come through the site.

  • Startup & Small Business Website Fundamentals 1 of 3
    First in a three part series of blog posts on setting up a business website.
  • Can CSS3 help save the planet?
    Internet power consumption. Smart website construction and using advances in coding standards can help save on energy consumption.
  • Write quality website content writing for the web
    Writing quality content for your website is the single most effective way to market your site and improve your Google search result ranking in the (SERP’s) search engine result pages. This is widely known and has been written about by Google experts for some time now. It’s clear then that in order to get what you want from your website you must put some effort into generating quality content for it. Proper keyword research in the natural starting point. To learn more read on…
  • Set up email address in Outlook Express
    How to set up an email address in outlook express. One of the commonest things we get asked, it takes up so much of our time at Coded web design we did a tutorial.


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