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Write quality website content writing for the web

Writing quality content for your website is the single most effective way to market your site and improve your Google search result ranking in the (SERP’s) search engine result pages. This is widely known and has been written about by Google experts for some time now.

The old days

In the days before Google and others changed the way search engines approached the indexing of sites, finding the content you expected to see after following a search engine result link was a bonus!. Remember unsavoury material and spam links mixed down through the proper search results?
Google provides its results by the way it weights the content it finds on a website. It looks for the words entered in its search in key areas of your website and uses this and other on site and off site parameters to rank your site in its results. You have total control over your sites content so why not maximise this marketing opportunity.

Google now dominates the internet search market. It has achieved this by providing quality relevant results for its users. Arguably it does it better than the others but they are fighting back.

Google’s share of the global internet search engine usage is almost 70%  with surfers choosing it over Yahoo and Bing (the new name for Microsoft’s search engine).

Playing the Google Game

It works like this: – if your content is wrong and your website is badly structured / built then you are probably flogging a dead horse when it comes to getting a decent ranking on Google.

It is clear then that in order to get what you want from your website you must put some effort into generating quality content for it. For most people this means writing well structured and informed content that is readable and relevant to the site but content that also contains your main keywords in the right areas and at the correct frequency.

How to write quality content for the web

Where do I start? The whole exercise is an eye opener for many business owners who are faced with having to write for an environment they are not used to competing in. For others who already have websites that may be stale and functioning badly, things have moved on since their site was launched and now it may be time for a revamp.

Analyse and deploy your keywords

Proper keyword research in the natural starting point. Before you sit down to write a single word you should have your keyword research done. This post does not encompass the subject of keyword research but Coded is available to help in this area or website construction.

Keyword deployment in your content

Once you have defined your keywords you should break your services or products down into categories and sub categories if necessary. Then is the time set about writing a short piece about each product, service or area.

You should place your most targeted keywords towards the beginning of your headings, paragraphs and sentences for best effect in most cases. You should have a number of lesser but related keywords incorporated throughout the text.

Avoid writing spam content

Don’t forget how Google has reached the position it has by giving the person using its service quality relevant results. So don’t repeat your keywords endlessly in the hope that Google will see the all the words on the page and say to itself… This is a good page, I will show this in the results to people who search for all those repeated words.

This is SPAM! and Google will penalise you for it. Here are some guidelines straight from Google.

The best test of your content is its readability. If your content reads well then it probably will do its job well once Google’s spiders see it and begins to index your page among the thousands of other similar pages in its database.

On page SEO

This term relates to the structure of your content on the page and how it is optimised for your chosen keywords. Most of the on page SEO is better left to your web designer or developer as it involves integrating your keywords into your websites html code. Your part in achieving success is writing well formed, readable and targeted content.

Good luck and happy writing…

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